Monday, March 8, 2010

Top 8 SEX chants in bed tonight!!

How many times have you heard these lines “I am not in mood”? Don’t worry you are not alone; many men complain that their women just don't want sex as often as they do.
No need to worry just read these situations in which women are the horniest.

1. Sex after spat
The perception of "make-up sex" is not a myth. A fiery argument with your woman tends to get your blood boiling, and your heart pumping. And once you've both gotten whatever's been bothering you off your chests and told each other precisely how you feel, there's nothing quite like turning the tables by taking her in your arms, kissing her passionately and letting your heightened emotions take over. Wipe out the tears aand make love to her.

2. Celebrate the joyful mood in bed
Just like fury and sadness, tremendous happiness can also get a woman in the mood. So, if she just got her degree, got a great new job, just found out she's pregnant, or another similarly joyous event has just taken place, it's time to channel all of that positive energy into some great sex.

3. Burst your stress with sex
Surprising but true, stress can raise a woman's libido. If your woman's been likened to a chicken without a head lately, chances are that she'd be quite appreciative if you offered her a release for her tension. That goes for stress-induced headaches too, by the way. That's right; a roll in the hay often gets rid of her headaches altogether. Be sure to tell her that the next time she gives you that tired line.

4. Ovulation leads to sex
Wow, this is a shocker: A woman gets horny when she's ovulating. So, if it's been about two weeks since her last period, now is probably a good time to initiate some action, if she hasn't beaten you to it already.

5.Drink and dancing
I'm not advocating getting her drunk and taking advantage of her here. But, there's nothing like a little dancing and drinking to get a woman in the mood. So, pour her favorite kind of liquid courage, lead her in a slow dance on your living room floor, and watch as her inhibitions slowly melt away, allowing you to proceed with the matter at hand. Cheers!

6.Sex it up with a movie
Most women aren't that into porn, particularly not the bawdy, hard-core stuff. But a steamy sex scene just be enough to get her revved up and ready for you. So, turn your next humdrum night in watching movies, into a night you won't soon forget.

7.Long-distance love
Long-distance relationships have the potential to be great for your sex life, as you will typically spend several days or weeks apart, pining for one another, with maybe just a couple of phone calls to keep you going, so that by the time you are reunited, all you want to do is devour each other.

8. Imaginative arena
If your woman enjoys using her creativity, whether it be in the kitchen, with a paintbrush or musically, these occasions may be conducive to great sex. So, the next time she's making you a gourmet meal, you may just want to slip into the kitchen for some pre-dinner sex.
Source: Megha Chaturvedi

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